Thursday, December 29, 2016

NEW PHONE NUMBER 843.602.1704


Sunday, May 22, 2011


For More information please call: 8436021704 --Lindsey
You can also check out our work-- before and after on our facebook page.. -

Monday, May 3, 2010

In the beginning....

(a few pics of the "salon")

Hey there everyone~

So now that you kind of know who we are and what we do as a whole, it's time to go into a bit more detail on each subject.

It all started one day when a we were sittin' around, beading, listening to music, ya know, just chillin'. We always somehow incorporated dreadlocks into our converstaions, since both of us have them. We started giving each other tips and such on how we kept them looking the way we wanted. So with lots of practice, Dreadhead HQ products and each others tips, we learned how to keep our dreads looking as fresh as possible. (Although the back of the head is pretty tough, thats why there is good there are two of us :)) We also learned our specialty areas, Lindseys dreads are smaller, so she is good with those, and Jessicas dreads are bigger, so she can tackle those!

So once our dreads started to mature more and more, we got more and more comments on them, mostly from fellow dreadies. They would ask us how we did certain things, and if we could help them with their own dreads. It is definatly an honor to work on someones dreads, so of course we were down to help.

It can be frustrating at the beginning with dreads. Its kindof like your hair is JUST knotted. There is a risk of it coming untangled, major frizzies, so on, so forth. This is where most people lose their cool and either cut them or brush them out. We have a strong belief that this is because they didn't have a real "connection" with their dreads. They didn't allow that relationship to form. (We are personally very familiar with every single one of our dreads.) Deep down, you know they reeeally wanted it to work out, but sometimes frustration can cause you to do drastic things.
Thats were we come in! We will sit you down, and put full attention to your dreads. We are definaltly not about taking YOUR character away from your dreads, but if you have some problem areas that need loving, we are your people. Its also nice to just go to a "salon", and chill. So we turned Lindsey's garage into the perfect location for dreadlock madness. We want people to feel comfortable when they come see us. We have a bit of entertainment for everyone, so bring your kids! We are welcoming to everyone.

Friday, April 30, 2010

So here we are....

Hey everyone~

We are Tha Knotted Empresses. We are two gals that have a genuine love and respect for dreadlocks, and we want to help those who are having trouble getting the results they seek.

Going to the salon/barber was kind of a treat before dreads, right? So why not go to a place that caiters to only your dreads. (We can even throw in some "salon" talk if ya want.) Its all about making new friends and giving dreads hope ....

We both grew up with long blonde hair, Lindsey's being straight and Jessica's having curl, and we both realized that there was a better way.... So we dreaded it! And going through our own trials and tribulations with our dreads, we learned lots of little tips, tricks and secrets that can make your dreadlocks looking the way YOU want them. All of this with of course the help of Dreadhead HQ! Without their products, our job would be a lot harder...OK, well, impossible!

We are also dedicated crafters. We make bracelets out of our own handmade beads, dread beads, greeting card sets, etc. We also have dread tams made by Tha Crazy Needle.

We have a little place in Myrtle Beach where you can come and get your dreads looking tidy and fresh. Whether it be a little maintenance & keeping the loose dread look, or getting all those hairs tucked in, we will make it happen.

We would also like to showcase other peoples art in the future. We believe its a great way of getting your name out there. We love to barter/trade things, so send us some of your art and we will send you some of ours. :))

And remember.."You're only as good as your last haircut"

p.s. We call dread maintenance "haircuts" ;))

XO, Tha Knotted Empresses~